Evoking Aphrodite – An Urban Retreat<br><span class="folio-date">23 – 24.11.19</span>

Evoking Aphrodite – An Urban Retreat

23 – 24.11.19

23rd – 24th  November
10am – 5pm

“Imagine a woman who embodies spirituality. A woman who honours her body as the Sacred Temple of the Spirit of Life. Who breathes deeply as a prayer of gratitude for life itself. You are that woman”

The archetype of Aphrodite holds the essence of Eros – the magnectic and erotic force which weaves, ripples and crashes through our body. It’s our turn on, it’s our life force, and Aphrodite reminds us that we women are innately sensual and sexual in our nature. She gives us permission to embody our natural form, and reclaim it as a sacred, beautiful and pleasurable place to inhabit.

In this weekend urban retreat Grace Hazel and Secret Yoga Club are collaborating to create a deeply moving, nourishing and powerfully sacred container which will support you to ignite the archetype of Aphrodite within you.

We will use rituals and workshops which include movement, breath work, shamanic journeying, sharing, sound, voice and cacao – these practices will be focused on the intention of accessing, understanding and healing our relationship to the female body, particularly empowering the relationship we have to our sexuality. There will be focus on awakening our knowledge on the female sex centre – our yoni. We will be doing this on a practical, emotional and spiritual level.

This weekend urban retreat is for you if…

You wish to learn about your sexuality past what you see in the media

You feel disconnected from your sexual desire

You have a desire to learn about how sexuality has a connection to spirituality and energy

You are curious about feminine energy and how to harness it

You desire authentic + meaningful connection

You want to surround yourself with a group of like minded, open hearted women, nourish and grow

This gathering will take place in the intimate setting of a beautiful private home: 130A Amhurst Road, Hackney.

A delicious lunch will be provided.

You will be sent further details about what to bring with you on the Monday preceding the event.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Gabrielle (SYC)  and Grace.

Grace Hazel

A passionate advocate for sexual healing, body awareness, and empowering women to re-discover pleasure, Grace has taken the 10 years she experienced chronic Yoni pain, and used it transform her life into a Yoni centric, feminine embodied movement. She guides women around the globe to eradicate all shame, guilt and pain they feel around their sexuality, and holds space for honest and real conversations to occur.

6 years ago, Grace decided to throw away all the numbing medications and creams hospital specialists had prescribed her to treat a condition called ‘vulvodynia’ and decided that she would heal herself. Since then she has delved into tantra, meditation, yoga, and shamanic healing ceremonies such as Ayahuasca and Peyote, and found that the greatest medicine above all is to listen deeply to your body, and use it’s wisdom to understand, heal and eradicate issues that are being experienced, rather than covering them up with pharmaceuticals.

Through doing this, she unravelled a world of understanding about the female body, specifically the Yoni.  What she realised during this process is that there is an epidemic of women experiencing similar issues such as painful sex, pussy numbness, low libido, inability to orgasm, body shame, intimacy blocks, and unfulfilling sex life, however nobody seemed to be talking about it.  Now she writes, teaches and speaks about how others can reclaim their Yoni and pleasure in order to find mind blowing intimacy with their own bodies, which translates to epic sex with their lovers, enhanced creative power, and way more fulfilling and truth-led lives.

Grace is currently curating a short film called ‘Conversations with Pussy’ where women speak openly and rawly about their own real experiences. She leads workshops which guide women to begin conversations with their Pussy, and she works 1-1 with women to assist to transform and empower not only their sex life, but their entire life.

Grace’s mission is to bring forth a Yoni Empowered message to a much greater audience, unravel the taboo subjects that women have suppressed through fear of judgement, and create a healthy open space to talk about femininity, sexuality and what it is to be a woman.

You can find out more information about Grace via her website www.grace-hazel.com or via her Instagram @grace___hazel.

Who's Attending

14 people are attending Evoking Aphrodite – An Urban Retreat<br><span class="folio-date">23 – 24.11.19</span>

  • Sara Marquez
  • Annabelle Spence
  • Rae Passfield
  • Hannah Welsh
  • Zhuo Wang
  • Nicola Briant
  • Leanne blossom
  • Sarah Llewelyn
  • Alexandra Decarne
  • Natalie Hirst
  • Margot de Broglie
  • Nicola McRae
  • Iona Singleton
  • Kannee Hamilton


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General Admission£190.00

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