17.01.19 – 20.01.19

17.01.19 – 20.01.19

A New Year 4-day ritual for intention setting, potency and freedom.

“Inside this body is the sun and the moon, the stars, the oceans and the entirety of the seen and the unseen places. Joy is here, as is loneliness, confusion, heartbreak, and bliss – each a unique portal through which we enter into intimacy with all things. Listen. Feel. See with new eyes. Open the senses. Revision. Reimagine. Bear witness to what is emerging from the womb of now. Your life is not a project to be solved, but a mystery coming into form.” – Matthew Licata

Join teachers Rikke Brodin and Gabrielle Hales on a journey into the creative rediscovering of your body-mind. Reality is always reimagining and reinventing itself as you, and when we go on and on month after month enforcing old stories and old ideas on a newly erupted life, we block the flow of the wild river that is our creative energy. We will connect with desire through intention setting and ritual as a powerful way to unravel what is truly alive and bubbling inside for this new cycle of 2019.

The Tantrikas understood that desire is the most powerful force in the creative universe and on the spiritual path. It is your deep sincere longing for connection and longing to know the truth of your being that fuel you along the twists and turns on the path of Awakening.

Within the love making of being and becoming (Shiva and Shakti) life unfolds, and not in the way that you thought it would, it is too wild for that, too creative, too alive. It is raw, shaky, vulnerable and utterly drenched in succulent potentiality.

You will be guided through Tantrik subtle-body practices, visualisations, Goddess initiations, mantra, movement, meditation, journaling, dance, sound healing and the dream awake work of Yoga Nidra. We will do powerful rituals for burning away what is no longer alive within our psyche, for clearing our inner obstacles, for igniting our clarity of vision, and for sealing our intention into manifest reality.

We will work with the elements and our chakras, with Goddess energies, with fire and with nectar, all of this to speak to our fullness of being in a deeply healing way.


This retreat is open for all genders and all levels of experience. The Tantrik practices we will work on are rooted in classical Śaiva Tantra, and is not the neo-tantric sacred sexuality work.

Rikke Brodin


A former ballet dancer from Norway, Rikke moved to London at the age of 18 to pursue her passion for theatre and filmmaking. This journey led her from drama school to shamans in the jungle of Peru to eventually exploring yoga and tantrik philosophy; a world where she found a strong creative stimulus whilst working a deeply transformational and spirit-igniting edge.
Rikke is a soul-stirrer and truth speaker with a deep commitment to awaken curiosity and sensitivity for engaging with every part of this profoundly mysterious bodymind matrix, and in this way fall in love with the whole spectrum of embodied aliveness. She has through her own personal experience become very skilled in helping her students to return home in their own body, to get anchored in the root of their heart and to amplify their creative field through breath, awareness, movement and subtle-body practices.
On this path Rikke is in continuous deep study with meditation teacher Adyashanti, Śaiva Tantra scholar/practitioner Hareesh Wallis, and yoga facilitators Leila Sadeghee, Sianna Sherman’s Rasa Yoga and Tara Judelle’s school of Embodied Flow.


Gabrielle Hales


Gabrielle has been teaching for seven years and her offering has slowly evolved with her practise. Her priority is to create a compassionate space for people to explore their physical landscape and breath as portal into the energy body and the subtler realms within and without.

As many yogis discovered thousands of years ago, she too observed how her body hoarded habits and memories (samskaras) and that movement and breath work was the most effective way to release these tensions, to celebrate the body and awaken the mind. It is only through releasing these ghosts and our conditioning, that we are able to see the world clearly and move through life from a space clarity and connection.

She teaches a slow, mindful flow, prefaced with some kind of pranayama to draw people to the innerworld. She’s interested in finding different ways to explore the body, seeking different words to communicate and new experiences to awaken. She closes classes singing with crystal bowls, to create a nourishing space for people to soften more deeply into themselves.




The Long Barn is one of the most spacious and exquisite barns in Hampshire. Nestled in the picturesque village of Newton Valence, amidst spectacular rolling countryside, The Long Barn offers breathtaking views from one of the highest points in the South Downs National Park.

The oak-framed building and flint walls that date back to 1764 have been lovingly restored by the owners. The large open space creates a majestic atmosphere providing a blank canvas on which to create a truly bespoke occasion.

Lights sparkle along the original beams, illuminating the spectacular ceiling and perfectly complimenting the unique structure, creating a truly magical atmosphere. An efficient heating system inside and a log fire pit outside allow us to make sure guests are comfortable, no matter what the weather.




– Tantrik subtle-body practices
– Daily Yoga and movement practices
–  Guided visualisation, meditation and mantra practices
– Sound healing
– Yoga Nidra
– Journalling
– Evening rituals
– Daily vegetarian meals

What’s not included:

– Transport



Shared spaces from £450.00

*Please note that prices are per person.
A £250 deposit is required to book your space. 


For more information and bookings details please contact: hello@secretyogaclub.co.uk

Spaces will be limited for this experience, please book soon if you’d like to join us. 

With love,
SYC + Rikke Brodin

*Please note that all deposits and bookings are non-refundable