07.06.18 – 10.06.18

Transformational Self: Moving and Making
The Long Barn, Hampshire, GU34 3RJ
7th – 10th June 2018


“…releasing is like a trap springing open. It’s a releasing of blocks and therefore a releasing of energy and power. Energy and power, and strength.” Joan Skinner


With support of SYC founder Gabrielle Hales, professional dance and visual artists Lizzy Le Quesne and Camilla Emson will guide a group into the depths of somatic practice through the mediums of dance, art and music. The retreat is designed to unlock your creativity through a journey into sensorial, spatial and embodied awareness.

The Retreat will be structured around a morning Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) workshop led by Lizzy Le Quesne and an afternoon creative workshop with Camilla Emson.

SRT is a gentle, playful, fun and transformative dance technique, that enlists and enlivens the whole self in movement. Through guided kinaesthetic visualizations, freeform movement explorations and gentle hands-on practices, SRT engages the ‘whole self’ – to develop technical, expressive and creative processes. SRT offers access to new power, fullness, fluency, transparency, meaning and joy in moving and dancing. The retreat welcomes both experienced movers and those wanting to become more deeply acquainted with their physical selves perhaps for the first time, or after a long break. SRT supports profound discovery, arrival, expansion and extension of self.

Camilla Emson’s creative workshops will build on SRT and invite the group to explore their relationship with pliable materials, such as fibre, clay and found natural objects to go deeper and work with emerging creative energies. There will be time to explore the 7 acres of woodland, moving and making in and outdoors, alone and as part of a group, witnessing and being witnessed in you creative process. Camilla is inspired by research that shows how gradual changes in one’s movement repertoire can lead to changes in one’s inner landscape, allowing you to find peace and connectivity within. This points to movement being a healing channel that may stimulate brain plasticity and modulate brainstem dysregulation.

Looking forward to welcoming you and your beautiful bodies.

Lizzy Le Quesne

Lizzy Le Quesne is a contemporary dance artist and teacher.  Her artistic practice is rooted in spatial awareness and embodied freedom.  She performs with a range of innovative artists and makes solo, duet and group works for public and private spaces. Lizzy became a certified teacher of SRT in 2011 and teaches SRT, improvisation and choreography to professional dance artists, in universities and conservatoires, and in the wider community, across the UK and internationally.

 Lizzy is trained in classical ballet, BA fine art and performance (Brighton University), MA choreography (Laban Centre), and several somatic techniques. She has created numerous works for stage, film and specific sites in many countries, was awarded an international choreography prize (Belgium), and was British Council Artist in Residence at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts. Recent works have been presented in galleries and festivals including Wilkinson Gallery London, TAP Southend, Summer Dancing Coventry, What Now London.

Lizzy continues to perform in her own work and for other artists (recently Florence Peake, Rosemary Lee, Michael Klien, Dog Kennel Hill Project, Carolyn Roy, Tino Sehgal). She writes extensively about dance and somatics in magazines and academic journals, and has authored chapters in the books ‘Attending to Movement” (Triarchy Press 2015) and in the upcoming first book on Skinner Releasing Technique (Triarchy Press 2018).

Camilla Emson

Camilla Emson is a multidisciplinary artist and therapist. Her practice uses the moving body and pliable sculpture materials, such as molten glass and fiber, to incite transformation. She embodies the playful “shapeshifter”, devoting herself to exploring response-ability and human plasticity. Her play with materials reintroduces the body in space in creative capacity to attempt un-doing and re-doing maps of experience and investigate economy of being.

Camilla Emson has 17 years experience of personal development and body-orientated therapy including: Authentic Movement, Body Mind Centering, Butoh, Chi Gong, Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais, Vipassana, Nutrition, Watsu, Yoga and 5 Rhythms. Camilla trained in MA Fine Art Painting and Sculpture is a certified Dance Movement Psychotherapist MA and Advanced Somatic Experiencing and Neuro-Affective Relational Model Practitioner. She believes that a deeper sense of embodied listening allows for healing and a more integrated sense of self.

See for list of exhibitions and residencies.

Gabrielle Hales

Gabrielle has been teaching for seven years and her offering has slowly evolved with her practise. Her priority is to create a compassionate space for people to explore their physical landscape and breath as portal into the energy body and the subtler realms within and without.

As many yogis discovered thousands of years ago, she too observed how her body hoarded habits and memories (samskaras) and that movement and breath work was the most effective way to release these tensions, to celebrate the body and awaken the mind. It is only through releasing these ghosts and our conditioning, that we are able to see the world clearly and move through life from a space clarity and connection.

She teaches a slow, mindful flow, prefaced with some kind of pranayama to draw people to the innerworld. She’s interested in finding different ways to explore the body, seeking different words to communicate and new experiences to awaken. She closes classes singing with crystal bowls, to create a nourishing space for people to soften more deeply into themselves.



Daily movement classes,
Daily creative workshop,
Evening rituals,
Sound offerings,
Daily vegetarian meals freshly, prepared by guest chef, Nicola Pisani
(Previously head chef at Nopi, Author of Magic Soup and Salt, Butter, Bones)

What’s not included:






The Long Barn is one of the most spacious and exquisite barns in Hampshire. Nestled in the picturesque village of Newton Valence, amidst spectacular rolling countryside, The Long Barn offers breathtaking views from one of the highest points in the South Downs National Park.

The oak-framed building and flint walls that date back to 1764 have been lovingly restored by the owners. The large open space creates a majestic atmosphere providing a blank canvas on which to create a truly bespoke occasion.

Fairy lights sparkle along the original beams, illuminating the spectacular ceiling and perfectly complimenting the unique structure, creating a truly magical atmosphere. An efficient heating system inside and a log fire pit outside allow us to make sure guests are comfortable, no matter what the weather.



Shared Dorm = £425.00
Shared Twin Room = £450.00
Double Room = £500.00
Double Room with Ensuite = £550.00
King Room with Ensuite = £600.00

*Please note that prices are per person

**A £250.00 deposit is required to secure your space


For deposit details and more information please contact:

Spaces will be limited for this spring retreat, please book soon to avoid disappointment.

With love,
SYC, Camilla and Lizzy


*Please note that all deposits and bookings are non-refundable

** We will have a lovely photographer travelling with us. We like to work with our friends to create honest, natural imagery for our website. Often this imagery is scenic. We are never intrusive and are sensitive and respectful of the privacy of our guests. If you prefer to be out of shot, just let us know and we will make sure we honour this on the retreat.