The Sacred Temple of Yoni <br> 17.07.18

The Sacred Temple of Yoni

The Sacred Temple of Yoni

Tuesday 17th July

7pm – 9.30pm

East London Location

Do you treat your Yoni with reverence? Do you rejoice in your sexual nature with freedom and joy? Or have you subdued and suppressed your wildness and rawness to please others? Have you dulled your voice down?

Do you dare invite your pleasure back? Do you chose to reclaim your life force? It is time.


You are a woman who holds a very potent power. Within you, it rests willingly, beckoning you to hear the call. What might happen should you chose to allow your sensual and sexual nature to flow? It’ll move mountains. You.. will move mountains. By saying “YES” you release yourself from the burdens and binds which hold you back from your true purpose and in turn you reclaim your ecstatic sovereignty as a woman.

Join Grace Hazel for a transformative gathering where we will intimately gather to tune into a conversation with our own Sacred Temple, our Yoni. Yoni, translated from Sanskrit is Vagina / Vulva / Sacred Space.

Through ritual, movement, shamanic journeying, and anatomical pleasure teachings and tools, together we will tune into our own Yoni in order to reveal our potential for creativity, flow and vibrancy. This gathering will be full of magic, and an abundance of treats, for those who are ready to make space to reclaim their true feminine essence.

Looking forward to welcoming you,


*Please note that this due to the nature of this workshop it is offered to women only. If you have any questions please email us –

Grace Hazel


A passionate advocate for sexual healing, body awareness, and empowering women to re-discover pleasure, Grace has taken the 10 years she experienced chronic Yoni pain, and used it transform her life into a Yoni centric, feminine embodied movement. She guides women around the globe to eradicate all shame, guilt and pain they feel around their sexuality, and holds space for honest and real conversations to occur.

6 years ago, Grace decided to throw away all the numbing medications and creams hospital specialists had prescribed her to treat a condition called ‘vulvodynia’ and decided that she would heal herself. Since then she has delved into tantra, meditation, yoga, and shamanic healing ceremonies such as Ayahuasca and Peyote, and found that the greatest medicine above all is to listen deeply to your body, and use it’s wisdom to understand, heal and eradicate issues that are being experienced, rather than covering them up with pharmaceuticals.

Through doing this, she unravelled a world of understanding about the female body, specifically the Yoni.  What she realised during this process is that there is an epidemic of women experiencing similar issues such as painful sex, pussy numbness, low libido, inability to orgasm, body shame, intimacy blocks, and unfulfilling sex life, however nobody seemed to be talking about it.  Now she writes, teaches and speaks about how others can reclaim their Yoni and pleasure in order to find mind blowing intimacy with their own bodies, which translates to epic sex with their lovers, enhanced creative power, and way more fulfilling and truth-led lives.

Grace is currently curating a short film called ‘Conversations with Pussy’ where women speak openly and rawly about their own real experiences. She leads workshops which guide women to begin conversations with their Pussy, and she works 1-1 with women to assist to transform and empower not only their sex life, but their entire life.

Grace’s mission is to bring forth a Yoni Empowered message to a much greater audience, unravel the taboo subjects that women have suppressed through fear of judgement, and create a healthy open space to talk about femininity, sexuality and what it is to be a woman.

You can find out more information about Grace via her website or via her Instagram @grace___hazel.

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18 people are attending The Sacred Temple of Yoni <br> 17.07.18

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  • Giselle La Pompe-Moore
  • Diahann Holder
  • Jordan Cohayney
  • Kim McGhee
  • Laura Mackenzie
  • Anastassia Beliakova
  • Rachel Onojafe
  • Amber RowN
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  • Gemma Stronach


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