The Nature of Magic</br>Odemir, Portugal</br><span class="folio-date">26.06.21 – 03.07.21</span>

The Nature of Magic
Odemir, Portugal
26.06.21 – 03.07.21

The Nature of Magic

SYC x Blue Firth


26.06.21 – 03.07.21


An inspirational week of movement, magic, clay craft and nature.


SYC is delighted to partner again with the wonderful Blue, from Dohm Shop & Clay Coven to create a multidisciplinary immersion celebrating the magic and mystery of nature through ancient yogic practices, clay and witchcraft.

For our week together, we have planned a nourishing and inspiring programme. Mornings will be spent exploring presence and poetry through yoga with contemporary movement and breath-work. The afternoons will be time for the exploration of magical methodologies.

Blue is an artist, designer, teacher and practising witch. She will introduce us to elemental witchcraft, tarot as a tool for self-enquiry and the power of ritual through creating clay vessels that will then be returned to the earth to seed our spells and dreams. We will look to the moon, to ourselves and to each other for joy, conversation and insight.

Many people join retreats for the practises and yoga, but after our first day retreat in London, we were reminded of the power in conversations and the poignancy of new connections. 

With this in mind, we’ve decided to invite you to read Lolly Willowes so we can all discuss it in an afternoon of lazy sunshine. 

Exploring themes of feminism, activism, magic, gender, and nature politics – it’s the perfect starting point for exploring how we integrate our personal practices and private mythologies (with joy!) into the ecosystem around us. 


Monte Da Orada

This will be our second year at Monte Da Orada, it was so charming we decided to return. It’s easy to get to, on

The retreat centre is the perfect place to immerse into the elements and tune into the invisible and mysterious currents that carry us. 

The skies are lucid and bright, the pocket of valley surrounding the centre is rich green, regardless of the season. There are two rivers, a biopool with beautiful lotus flowers and an estuary of fresh water. We can each find a little pockets of flowers and secret spots to nestle into and escape with a book

The centre is enchanting and comfortable, with a sense of warmth and community that is precious, and very unique to Orada. It is perhaps not for those seeking pure luxury. We wash our own plate after eating and we might have some little insect friends – it would be strange to be immersed in nature and not!

We are also near the sea, for those bodies thirsting for the ocean and perhaps a little surfing on the day off. 

There is much to fall in love with, which is why are returning again.




Blue is an artist/designer working

with clay.

Her other outputs include podcasts on witchcraft, tarot readings and bespoke rituals.

These sit alongside a design practice which works with brands and collectives whose focus is on intuitive design, sustainability and care.

She also lectures Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University

Blue has worked with: The Royal Academy of Arts, Koenig Books, Baro Gallery, CCA Derry, Londonderry, Strange Attractor, Cowdray Estate, Syson Gallery, TG, Milena Silvano, Ssōne, Legion Projects

Her website is

Gabrielle Hales


Gabrielle has been teaching for seven years and her offering has slowly evolved with her practise. Her priority is to create a compassionate space for people to explore their physical landscape and breath as portal into the energy body and the subtler realms within and without.

As many yogis discovered thousands of years ago, she too observed how her body hoarded habits and memories (samskaras) and that movement and breath work was the most effective way to release these tensions, to celebrate the body and awaken the mind. It is only through releasing these ghosts and our conditioning, that we are able to see the world clearly and move through life from a space clarity and connection.

She teaches a slow, mindful flow, prefaced with some kind of pranayama to draw people to the inner world. She’s interested in finding different ways to explore the body, seeking different words to communicate and new experiences to awaken. She closes classes singing with crystal bowls, to create a nourishing space for people to soften more deeply into themselves.




Monte Da Orada is a Transition Educational Community promoting and bridging spiritual, ecological and transformative embodied experience and retreats. The centre is nestled in the heart of a nature sanctuary in the woods of Odemira, Alentejo, South West Portugal, bordering Algarve.

Orada was founded on the vision that nature, health, sustainability and community are fundamental insights to transition out of the toxicity of modern times. It is a place to get inspired to redesign life on Earth and manifest that awakening.

Monte Da Orada  has beautiful gardens, a swimming pool, an amphitheatre and sun-filled terraces. It’s an 18 minute drive from the beach and surrounded by rolling hills for you to explore.

The centre offers different accommodation types from private suites and bungalows to tepees and cozy dorm rooms. The buildings and retreat facilities were reconstructed using traditional and organic materials (adobe) giving this beautiful property not only an authentic Portuguese feel, but also providing a healthy and comfortable environment in all weather.




Morning Meditations

Daily 1.5 hour yoga or movement practise

A day off to explore the local area

Introduction to witchcraft

Two Sessions Introducing Tarot

A Book Discussion

Making a Clay Vessel

Water Ritual

Create your own Alter

Moonlit Yoga

Yoga session accompanied with live Music

Co-creating an evening of stories, music and poetry around the fire

Airport transfers for recommended flights only

3 nourishing vegetarian meals



Worth £125

Tarot mat and pack



Personal ritual cup

Journal / workbook

Copy of Lolly Willowes



Car rental


Travel Insurance

Food and snacks on day off

Taxis on Day off

Surfing Lessons



Monte De Orada is 1.5 hours from Faro International Airport. We recommend taking the flights below:

26th June – 3rd July 2021, London Stanstead- Faro International

Out Bound
26th June, STN, 11:15 – 14.10 FAO
3rd July, FAO, 10:55 – 13:45 STN



Shared Dorm Room (Bunk Beds) = £1125* 8 people

Shared Dorm Room (Double and Bunk Beds) = £1300 * 3 people

Shared Dorm Room (Futons)  = £1200

Twin Room = £1450

Double Room = £1350 pp (as a couple) or £1850 single occupancy

Outdoors Spaces

Shared TeePee = £1100.00

Shared Bungalow = £1250.00

Tree House (Couples Only) = £1100.00

*Please note that prices are per person.

A £450.00 deposit is required to secure your space.

The remainder of the retreat balance is due 10 weeks before the retreat commences, on the 17th May. 


For bookings details and more information please contact:

Spaces will be limited for this unique experience, please book soon to avoid disappointment.

With love,
Gabrielle and Blue

*Please note that all deposits are non-refundable. Please

see our terms and conditions.