The Dark Rose Remembers <br> 21.12.18

The Dark Rose Remembers

The Dark Rose Remembers

Winter Solstice – Friday 21st December

7.30pm – 9.30pm

42 Acres, 66 Leonard St, EC2A 4LW

Each year, the light waxes and it wanes. Right down deep in December, the night holds it’s height – it almost completely dissolves the day. The encompassing darkness envelops us. The Dark Rose blossoms fully.

In the nature-based traditions of this land, the light and dark was followed and celebrated – at it’s height in the Midsummer, and at it’s waning ebb at Winter Solstice – which is a day to enjoy the darkness at it’s longest tenure of the whole year.

This is a special day, because that dark is a place to rest, replenish, and develop. Just like the womb we all swam in before we emerged into this world. This darkness marks a highly receptive moment in the year, a space which proffers a very transparent access to the innermost reaches of our life – a space where powerful intentions can be planted.

Winter Solstice is the womb space in which we can plant anything we wish to create, grow, and nurture in the year to come. Whatever we embed here will grow, and expand, flourish – and become manifest in exponential ways as your life unfolds back into the light of the year – which begins to grow from Winter Solstice Night all the way to June.

Join Leila Sadeghee for an intentions and empowerment ritual with movement, sound, and deep meditative attunement to the dark spacious womb of the long night – where your deepest heart’s desire is remembered and patterned into everything that unfolds and blossoms from that point on.

It’s our final event of the year so we hope to welcome old and new SYC family…


Leila Sadeghee


Leila is a practical mystic. She is a truly creative soul and a gifted healer who has a keen sense of life as a transformational process of empowerment. Her years of experience with the body lend her a bio-mechanical savvy that keeps it real, efficacious, and relatable. She knows what it means to break down and to break through, so she is a skilled and supportive guide for people who want to use the practices of yoga and healing to create renewal at every level of life. Leila has worked with people from all walks of life and all ages. Her work is supporting people in awakening to the mystery of who they truly are so they can live a life of joy, freedom, and dedication to their own highest calling. She is the co-creator of The Practices Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion, a course to ignite spiritual self care through daily practice, yoga asana, healing foods, and profound self love. She leads magical retreats, workshops, and annual yoga teacher training in London and around the world.

She has studied Buddhism in India, lived in community Omega Institute where she studied with Pema Chodron, been the protege of visionary body therapist Yamuna Zake, undertaken deep training as an energy healer, and been a student and teacher of Tantric yoga and yoga asana. She has been a practicing healer and teacher for nearly 20 years, and she underpins her continual evolution with daily practice, regular, continual study of world spiritual traditions, monthly facilitation of creative rituals, and mentorship with luminous teachers such as Sianna Sherman and Tara Judelle.

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