SYC x ROOTED LONDON<br>14.09.17


Thursday 14th September

7pm – 10pm

The Old Dairy, 71 Powerscroft Road, E5 0PT

Join Secret Yoga Club and ROOTED LONDON for an exclusive evening of intuitiveness and slow guided movement.

The evening will take us through two chapters..

Gabrielle (Secret Yoga Club) will first lead us through a slinky, primal flow yoga where we’ll learn the importance of using our breath, rolling through the spine, dropping our hips and embracing a deliciously natural way of movement. Post-session, we’ll relax and heal as she plays singing crystal bowls, bathing us all in unique sound.

There is no greater power than developing and honing our intuitive wisdom. This inner guidance helps us to choose the roads to take, and which to avoid. What our body needs to feel nourished, what brings us to balance and what pushes us off kilter.

Working as a Holistic Nutrition and Life Coach, Pandora, Founder of ROOTED LONDON specialises in Intuitive Eating and Living and Self-love Empowerment. This workshop aims to re-connect you to your intuition surrounding food and your body, and expand your senses.

The foodie exploration starts with a guided visualisation to connect to your intuition, followed by an introduction to the principles of Intuitive Eating and Living. This follows with an alternative blindfolded eating experience whereby you learn to taste food differently and use your senses in their full capacity.

We’ll be ending with a short Q&A, with Gabrielle and Pandora.


Pandora has been a foodie since day dot, but for a long time her relationship with food was obsessive and unhealthy. Living with self-loathing and emotional issues just had to stop, and so over a decade ago, she began her healing journey, learning alternative ways to heal and build a better relationship not just with food, but with herself. She found connection in listening to her body and understanding what she really hungry for. She found it. She fed it.

Known for her intuitive approach, Pandora now works with her true purpose in life: to help guide and heal others. She is dedicated to her service to support individuals to return to their roots – their truest form – and in turn their truest potential using Nutrition, Intuitive Eating support, Life Coaching, Meditation, Visualisations, Reiki, Yoga and Healing practises.

Pandora studied Naturopathic Nutrition at the UK’s leading College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. She has studied Intuitive Eating and has over 100 hours of additional nutritional training in a variety of subjects. She is a trained Life Coach and a 200 hour trained Yoga Teacher, specialising in Vinyasa flow and restorative yoga. She has trained in meditation techniques, breathwork and bodywork, as well as Reiki healing and energetic empowerment.


It took a stint at a corporate global PR agency for Gabrielle Hales to realise that no, office life was not for her. One ticket to India later, she found herself teaching yoga and eager to share all the amazing things she’d learnt upon her return.

Beginning with classes in her own living room, the word spread and these events became so popular that she sought out ever-more exciting venues to host events in, bringing an extra element by working with up-and-coming chefs to expand them into yoga supper clubs.

Elements of immersive sound therapy and live music soon followed as part of Gabrielle’s mission to introduce a new sense of warmth and generosity to the yoga community – creating a new setting for yoga practice that was more sociable and less solitary, while breaking the assumption that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nourishing food.

Now? Gabrielle’s pushing SYC to the next level, aiming to inspire people to experience practices that improve happiness and well-being. Oh, and with plenty of fun, too.

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