Wednesday 20th September

7 – 9 PM

Reva Yoga, 2c Andrews Road, E8 4QL

Join Secret Yoga Club and Uma Knight for this two-part ritual gathering for women, following a lunar cycle from New Moon to Full Moon and the personal rhythms that exist alongside this wild and ongoing phase of nature. 

This will be a progressive ceremonial journey, starting with the New Moon: to draw in, listen and get connected. To let go, clear out, and release. Calling in, calling forth and setting clear intentions for the cycle ahead, together we will sit in circle and come deeper into intentional space before embodying our dreams, longings and desires through inner and outward movement practices. 

After clearing space for our heart-seeds to be planted, witnessed and held by the group, we will gather again under the Full Moon: to reflect, to illuminate and to remember. 

Using blessings, the sacred space between us in circle and tools gathered from many different traditions that honour and renew the wild feminine nature, these gatherings are for you to acknowledge whatever is going on in your life and to embody and transform your deepest heart longings. We will ask essential questions and tap into the wisdom that lives inside each of us.

May this journey be one that helps us realise our power and potential to bless, heal and renew our own lives and all those around us. May this circle of women offer inspiration, beauty, nourishment and healing for our own bodies, hearts and minds and may the work we do in this sacred space in someway contribute to the health and happiness of all beings, everywhere. 


*Please note that, as much as we love welcoming men to our events, the Sacred Luna Cycle workshops are for women only.

**We strongly recommend that you attend both New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies.

Uma Elizabeth

Uma Elizabeth is a dedicated student and teacher of Yoga, a lover of the Wild and Sacred, and a devotional songstress. 

Recently moved to London, she leads public and private classes in the city and continues to host workshops, events and retreats internationally.

Known for her kindness and sensitivity, in her Yoga classes she offers alignment-based, heart-centred asana with a focus on sensual and conscious movement, on intention, attention and breath connection. You can expect to slow down and explore subtleties: pranayama, mudra, mantra and body bio-mechanics, to flow with rhythmic and thoughtful sequencing and to be invited into feeling – via words, silence, or a soulful playlist.

Since leaving her corporate job at the BBC and a career as a Sound Engineer, she has spent the last years living, studying and teaching around the world, pouring herself into the healing arts, the path of practice and being in service to community. Her background of studentship includes Yoga Alliance, 500 hour Anusara-inspired trainings and additional immersions, certification, investigation and application of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Kids & Trauma Outreach Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Sufism, Qi Gong, Shamanism, Usui Reiki (Master Level), NVC (Non-violent communication), Sacred Dance, Sound healing and Feminine Spirituality.

Her additional offerings outside of public yoga classes continue to be a reflection of her ongoing, personal healing journey, by daily sadhana and rituals, by the joy and necessity of creative expression and by what is possible when women sit together in circle. As a lover of the arts and music especially, she is captivated, energised and passionate about bridging the gaps between her former work in sound, and the healing potential of vibration and music for all layers of the being and beyond.

When not teaching, you can find her pottering with her plants, instruments and partner, singing and dancing in the kitchen (making a mess), diving into necessary conversations with coffee and friends, avidly reading the likes of Rumi, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Rilke, Thoreau and John O’Donahue, or enjoying the great pleasure of tea and, lazy Sundays.

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