Rhythm of Flow <br> 24.07.18

Rhythm of Flow

Rhythm of Flow,

Tuesday 24th July,

7pm – 9pm,

Secret East London Location.

To be in flow is a wondrous state of being both within yoga, movement and in life. It implies an interconnectedness between Self, other humans and that we can name divine. There is a sensitivity and responsiveness involved, where strength marries grace.

To move towards a state of flow within yoga we will embody the spine as a mobile fluid structure. Guided by Fern Trelfa, using imagery, metaphor and our own touch, we feel for the rhythm of our bones and how they dance within our bodies.

We’ll move through fluid vinyasa that will repeat in rounds, with a hope that the mind will quieten and the body will awaken.

Breathwork, sound and ceremony will be integrated into the offering as powerful tools to work with the energetic body.  Through moving inwards and cultivating a felt sense of the subtle body, we can learn to sit with our entire humanness, and how we relate to ourselves, others and beyond.  

You can expect to feel a fusion of various styles of yoga, movement practices, a love for creativity and the mysticism of yoga.  Fern will offer opportunities for personal reflection so bring a journal a long with you.

This immersion will suit:

  • humans who like to move and explore
  • yoga students who are looking to find more fluidity within their practice
  • yoga teachers who would like inspiration and nourishment


Fern E Trelfa


Fern is a kind and creative creature who has come to perceive the practice of yoga as energetic artistry. Her teachings stay rooted in traditional philosophy yet she enjoys weaving the body through an interconnected web of movement, offering a curious approach to the somatic self as a big adventure. You can expect to move your body from the inside out with an effortless effort. 

Fern is passionate in sharing how a regular yoga practice works with the nervous system and can offer truly transformational shifts in how we approach life. Mantra and sound are integrated into the offering as powerful tools to work with the energetic body.

The human body holds incredible wisdom and Fern is fascinated by it. Through building an intimate relationship with our human form, we begin to unravel unhealthy patterns within the physical, emotional and mental. When we work openly with the practice, what can emerge is a sense of our true nature as humans, in all our grit, glory and that in between. Whole humans are welcomed with love. 

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Who's Attending

15 people are attending Rhythm of Flow <br> 24.07.18

  • Annabelle Spence
  • Jessica Leitch
  • Emma Knight
  • Chloe Cossy
  • Jamina Davidson
  • Brooke Salisbury
  • Carolyn Holmes
  • linda Weitgasser
  • Zoe Heighton
  • Mischa Varmuza
  • Amisha Ghadiali
  • Karla Bonello


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