Mind | Matter <br> 12.08.18

Mind | Matter


Sunday 12th August

11am – 4pm

East London Location


The workshop led by Nissa Nishikawa and Michele Occelli focuses on diverse forms of movement meditation, hypnosis and dance.  These practices will be combined to heighten and develop awareness, sensitivity and concentration aiming towards a full integration of mind and body.  Interior and exterior sensory landscapes will be made to dialogue to expand the limits of the individual body.

Through the expansion of somatic awareness and the integration of movement and the senses, each participant will move away from habitual patterns,  into a wider embodied landscape of experience

Michele will guide the participants through two stages of hypnotic trance work. The first stage will focus on activating mind/body communication through creative somatic responses. The participants will learn how to tune into their bodies and develop deep listening skills to become conscious receivers of the flow of involuntary signals, sensations, emotions and ideas which connect us to our ongoing deeper state of flow. The second stage will focus their attention on image based inner journeying to expand their connected sensorial experience and sensitivity.  

Nissa Nishikawa will focus on detangling sensory information with specific exercises rooted in Eastern practices. Attuning the participants to the poetic body (motion, sensations, and associations), she will enable an enhanced experience of movement which breaks away from enculturated knowledge expanding the individual self into a collective motion.

As such the participants will find themselves moving beyond the sympathetic system towards a grounded space of surrender and connectedness. They will learn how to develop sensitivity and activate somatic access bringing their bodies and mind away from the desire to move into the experience of being moved.

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*There will be an 45 min break for lunch. You’re welcome to bring your own or venture out to one of the local cafes.

Nissa Nishikawa


Nissa Nishikawa works with performance, painting, ceramics, glass, and film. Her practice interprets traditional forms of dance, ritual and craft in ways that illuminate the current crisis in ecology and community. She engages with alchemical and animistic practices through the use of elemental base materials, forging processes of transformation that are intuitively informed by a close observation of the intelligence of nature and the non-human as systems of navigation. This ongoing fascination extends to the embodied principles of movement while bringing together many disciplines in one space.

She studied Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Stage Arts at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and holds an MA in Performance from Goldsmiths College. Training with Min Tanaka, Steve Paxton, Anna Halprin and dervish turning from the Mevlevi tradition are continuous aspects of her practice. Recent workshops have been held at the Architectural Association (London), Camden Arts Centre (London) and the Victoria and Albert Museum (London).



Michele Occelli


Michele Occelli’s approach to hypnosis utilizes a combination of Ericksonian and ideo-dynamic techniques to enable processes of change and self-discovery. After years of academic research in both eastern and western philosophy (SOAS, King’s College and Goldsmith’s College), he trained as a whirling dervish with the Mevlevi Order of Konya. The study and practice of hypnosis came because of a desire to engage both mind and body as a unity, which is the basis for any form of understanding of both self and the world. He is currently assistant tutor on the postgraduate Hypnotherapy Diploma for the BHRTS at Birkbeck College.


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