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Madeleine, founder of Astrology for Artists and Gabrielle (SYC) would like to invite you to an exploration of all the dimensions of Venus. Working with you to co-create a nurturing day of astrological adventures, experienced conversationally and somatically, through a number of different practices.

Relationships are a defining aspect of our being. We love to love, and we long to be loved.

Our relationships both shape and are shaped by our identity. If we want to attract thrilling relationships that both excite and nurture, we need to explore ourselves first, on way to do this is by questing with Venus.

Named after the Roman goddess of love, equivalent to the Greek Aphrodite, the planet Venus symbolises how we relate to others and what makes us happy and brings us joy.

The placement of Venus in our natal chart expresses our urge to make relationships, our desire for unity and harmony; our values – what we put value on and how we value ourselves; our appreciation of beauty and art, and our emotional need for love and affection, money and material security.

The way we love and take care of ourselves is the key to how we are loved, and how we love others.

Our creativity energy is also our sexual energy: the ephemeral power we kindle to create a work of art, is the same force that ripples through our cells in a shimmering vortex of desire.

Venus also describes the desire for romantic attraction. It expresses how we make ourselves attractive, how we might go about finding a partner and what we find attractive in others.

We all want to look into lover’s face and see our reflection enhanced: mysterious, brimming and beautiful. We also love to shine the light of our sun on a lover’s face, to encourage our thoughts to linger on yesterday’s kisses and the touch of tomorrow.

But what if we decide to experience our own being as fascinating? What if we find the lines of our own body wondrous? What if we curate our lives, filling our unaccompanied moments with poetry and art? What if we remember each day, that we are both the lover and beloved.

By journeying through those aspects of our chart and our consciousness that are ruled by Venus, we will enjoy a number of sensorial practices: movement, yoga asana and pleasurable breathwork. Creating spaces of stillness and absorption to invite presence and clarity.

We will also explore themes that will expose our: longings, perceptions, patterns of behaviour and conditioning.

The intention is to create an experience that is pleasurable, so you leave feeling more integrated and vibrant. We will ask questions that we hope are revealing, so you can continue your own personal quest beyond our time together.

We will be questing in a private home in Hackney, with a garden to enjoy if the sun shines. There will be a tasty seasonal lunch prepared for you.

Please bring a water bottle or thermos and a pad and pen for memory making.

We look forward to spending the day together.


Gabrielle & Madeleine

Gabrielle Hales

Gabrielle has been teaching for seven years and her offering has slowly evolved with her practise. Her priority is to create a compassionate space for people to explore their physical landscape and breath as portal into the energy body and the subtler realms within and without.

As many yogis discovered thousands of years ago, she too observed how her body hoarded habits and memories (samskaras) and that movement and breath work was the most effective way to release these tensions, to celebrate the body and awaken the mind. It is only through releasing these ghosts and our conditioning, that we are able to see the world clearly and move through life from a space clarity and connection.

She teaches a slow, mindful flow, prefaced with some kind of pranayama to draw people to the innerworld. She’s interested in finding different ways to explore the body, seeking different words to communicate and new experiences to awaken. She closes classes singing with crystal bowls, to create a nourishing space for people to soften more deeply into themselves.


Madeleine Botet De Lacaze

Madeleine is an Argentine-born performance artist and astrologer based in London. After studying and developing astrology and performance as two separate practices she decided to integrate them creating Astrology for Artists. She believes that everyone is an artist and our lives an artistic act. She aims to communicate and reflect upon what makes us creative and what makes us feel alive; how do we connect with our vital expressive pulse?

Our own astrological natal chart is a sacred space –  a map of the sky that is in constant movement – that is vibrating and showing us the energy that is available to us, but are we harnessing its potential? Madeleine believes in change and transformation, in communicating through sharing and connecting. And most of all, in our resilient body and our restless creative mind working together and allowing us to fully express ourselves.

She studied astrology at CASA 11 in Buenos Aires and at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. She also did an MA in Performance Art at Wimbledon College of Art  focusing on the body’s relationship to identity, belonging and presence; creating intimate interdisciplinary performances that question our perception of corporality.

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