Journeying Through The Elements <br> 08.07.18

Journeying Through The Elements

Journeying Through The Elements

Sunday 8th July

10.30am – 5.00pm

East London Location TBC

Within the microcosm and wonderment of our body we replicate the most fundamental element components of this planet – prthivi: earth, āpas: water, agni: fire, vayu: wind, ākāśa: ether – and at different times the different elements maybe more or less dominant and affect our energetic, mental and emotional states of being.

Focusing on these Pancha Mahā-Bhūtas which are used in many traditional systems of natural healing, particularly Ayurveda, we will weave our way through these elements within a varied yogasana practice, exploring their unique nature within our body and mind and how they can enhance our inner sense of stability, fluidity, empowerment, compassion, and openness.

Participants will explore:

  • how to connect to the energy feel of the elements to help bring about balance and well being
  • the use the elements as inspiration for movement sources to create a varied and expansive quality and range of motion through asana and pranayama practices.
  • the connection between the elements and the chakras

The workshop will include:

  • pranayama
  • dynamic asana
  • partner work
  • introspection
  • journaling
  • restorative poses
  • meditation
  • relaxation

Looking forward to welcoming you,

SYC + Jean Hall

*Please bring a vegetarian dish to share

Jean Hall


Jean’s teaching is rooted in her enjoyment of assisting bodies and minds to open up to their strength, freedom and potential. As a lifelong lover of movement and creativity Jean has spent much of her life exploring body work disciplines, travelling and practicing yoga.

Having discovered yoga whilst training as a dancer it soon became an integral part of her life, developing alongside her career as a performer and also her own personal learning and exploration.

In 1995 she qualified as a Iyengar yoga teacher and since then she has continued to study different forms of yoga with many great teachers from many diverse backgrounds including Geeta Iyengar and Sri K Pattahbi Jois, as well as being self taught and working with more unconventional teachers such as Gill Clarke and Paddy McGrath.

Jean teaches a deep and soulful slow flow form of yoga. She is known for her unique creative sequencing of postures which helps to draw students and teachers beyond limitations and closer to their true potential and confidence through the ancient yogic system of asanas, mindful breathing and meditation with an approach of devotion and playfulness.

She is one of the U.K’s leading yoga teachers as well as senior faculty member of the triyoga teaching training programme and author of published yoga books:

Yoga, a practical guide to yoga postures – Abbeydale Press

Ashtanga Yoga, a in-depth guide to the primary series – Anness Books

Breathe – simple techniques for a calmer, happier life – Quadrille Publishing

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