Intimacy and Wonder <br> 19.09.18

Intimacy and Wonder

Intimacy and Wonder,

Wednesday 19th September,

7pm – 9pm,

The Old Dairy, 71 Powerscroft Rd, E5 0PT

This will be a Tantrik movement journey,
through the layers of our embodiment,
to taste the rich juice of aliveness.


The universe has never put itself together as you before, but everything that you are – all the particles that you are made of – have been here since the beginning of spacetime, but yet there’s never been a repeat. You are a wild enigma of ultimate creativity and every human experience is saturated with this very shattering mystery of existence.

Every sensation, every emotion, every experience is a gateway into the divine nucleus that is the Goddess, the creative energy of life.

And so the Tantrika is one who dances with the entire spectrum of human experience, one who wishes to fully taste every flavour to know the one raw essence that gives rise to everything, one who dares to engage with the fullness of life and in practicing intimacy with reality awakens to the Mystery.





A former ballet dancer from Norway, Rikke moved to London to pursue her passion for theatre and filmmaking. This journey led her from drama school to shamans in the jungle of Peru to eventually exploring yoga and tantrik philosophy; a world where she found a strong creative stimulus whilst working a deeply transformational and spirit-igniting edge. Since then her studies led her to her teachers Leila Sadeghee, Sianna Sherman’s Rasa Yoga, ‘rasa’ meaning the essence, or flavour – the rich juicyness of life, and Tara Judelle’s school of Embodied Flow.

Rikke is a soul-stirrer and truth speaker with a deep commitment to using the practices of yoga to turn on our curiosity and our sensitivity for feeling every part of this profoundly mysterious mindbody matrix, and in this way fall in love with the whole spectrum of embodied aliveness. She has through her own personal experience become very skilled in helping her students to return home in their own body, to get anchored in the root of their heart and to amplify their creative field through breath, awareness and movement. Her classes are artful journeys into the student’s own interior.

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33 people are attending Intimacy and Wonder <br> 19.09.18

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