Ashes of Grace <br><span class="folio-date">20.11.19</span>




Wednesday, 20th November

7.00 pm – 10.00 pm

42 Acres, 66 Leonard St, Hackney, EC2A 4LW

Honouring the death and rebirth cycle
An embodied ritual into the majestic creativity of shedding and becoming.


As the darkness draws us into its sweet embrace, into its cave of the unknown, into its womb of potentiality, we too must turn in, reflect, get quiet and empty ourselves to prepare for the return of the light.
Like trees shed their leaves and like the snake sheds its skin, like the forest fire that prepares a fertile ground for unimaginable potential to sprout forth, like the archetypal symbol of the phoenix rising from the ashes – the death and rebirth cycle is the most prevalent in nature and used to be most sacredly honoured in all of the ancient wisdom traditions through ritual and festivals.
Yet in our modern world we seem to deny the perishing dimension of creation – the dissolution, before reorganisation.
There is an addiction within our society for endless growth and abundance, endlessly creating ourselves anew. But to make a spacious birthing canal for this something new, we can’t bypass the process of death, that so
many of us fear.
The death of ideas, the death of who you thought you were, the death of relationships, the death of a dream.
To let go of what you already know. To discover what is becoming now …
If you have the sense that you are being stifled by something that is no longer alive, it could be anything from a relationship to a core belief about yourself, or a general feeling of stagnancy and dullness – this ritual we will use powerful practices to assist the shedding of what is stubbornly sticking on, using mantra, visualisation, journalling, invocation of the dark goddess, movement, breath-work and Tantrik subtle body practices.
To commune with magic, the void, the unknown, the great Mystery that is coming into form as You.


This will be an intimate evening held in a beautiful space.
Following the workshop, we’ll sit together for a nourishing teas,
elixirs, cakes and treats.
SYC x Rikke Brodin

Who's Attending

30 people are attending Ashes of Grace <br><span class="folio-date">20.11.19</span>

  • Tamara Kagan
  • Shay David
  • Stuart Thorn
  • Tamara Kagan
  • Yusuke Takahashi
  • Brian McKenney
  • Catherine Connolly
  • Ella Rodwell
  • Dipan Shah
  • Emily Draves
  • Charley Logan
  • Cansu Ozenc
  • Faith McAllister
  • Alice Kelpie
  • Suzie Richards
  • Masi Fraysse
  • Maria Barbu
  • Caitlin MacEwan
  • Georgina Weston
  • Charissa Shearer
  • Alice Weston
  • erika wagner
  • jessica brown-findlay
  • Niklas Jahn
  • Anna-Karolina Subczynska
  • anne gladwell
  • Marian McHugh
  • Elizabeth Harrocks
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