An Exploration of The Female Arousal Cycle <BR> <span class="folio-date">29.06.19 – 30.06.19</span>

29.06.19 – 30.06.19

10AM – 6PM

What is the Female Arousal Cycle? Do you feel shame or fear around sex? Do you find yourself “watching” yourself when you are sexual?

Do you find it difficult to orgasm? Do you find the act of touching yourself challenging? Do you wish your orgasms were stronger?

Have you never learned how to orgasm? Has a good orgasm eluded you? How does an orgasm happen? How do I make it happen to me? How do I know what I like?


We’ve very excited to welcome back Kundalini yoga teacher and sex therapist Carolyn Cowan for our third ‘Exploration of the Female Arousal Cycle’ retreat.

During this weekend urban retreat, the mysteries of the Female Arousal Cycle will be opened up.¬†We’ll be exploring the female arousal cycle, pleasure and the Kundalini…

Guided by Carolyn Cowan, we will explore (on paper and with discussion) shame, anxiety around the body and one’s history, the female sexual nervous system, the blood flow, arousal paths, brain receptors and physical responses that allow the female body to orgasm.

We will also understand what stops orgasm happening, the negative self talk, cultural messages and life-experiences that can interrupt the divine pleasures of the female orgasm. We will look at fantasy, permissions, religious messages, ritual and ceremony, the G Spot and Female Ejaculation.

This weekend retreat is open to all who have, or had a womb.

Spaces will be limited for this retreat, please book soon to avoid disappointment.

With love,
SYC & Carolyn Cowan

Secret Yoga Club

Carolyn Cowan


Please note that this retreat is not “hands-on”. Those willing to go one step further will be invited to experience their sexual response hands-on, in homework.

This workshop is for women only. If you have any questions about inclusivity please contact us.

Carolyn Cowan

Carolyn Cowan is an elevating and charismatic Kundalini yoga teacher with 20 years experience. Her teaching style is fun, and at the same time a profound exploration of the ability to experience the bliss of the present moment. She is an expert in posture, breath-work and the physical systems of the body and how they relate to thought, feelings and held history.

She teaches extensively in Europe and South America. Her training programmes include Mastering the Addictive Personality, The Mothers Journey, Anxiety & Stress or Pranayama, The Female Arousal Cycle, and Shame. She has a range of 11 DVDs all available on Amazon and a dynamic teaching presence on YouTube.

Carolyn is also a psycho-sexual and relationship therapist with specialisations in trauma, addiction, couples work and pregnancy issues. She runs a private therapy practice and one to one yoga teaching in Flood Street, Chelsea.

Her regular Kundalini classes all take place at and her main website is

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10 people are attending An Exploration of The Female Arousal Cycle <BR> <span class="folio-date">29.06.19 – 30.06.19</span>

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