Sunday 4th March

3 – 6 PM

East London Location

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
– Maya Angelou

We’re very excited to be sharing this workshop with you. An afternoon of art, creativity and meditation with London based artist Emilie Lindsten.

The wonderful Emilie will be sharing her creative practise with us, encouraging us to explore the themes of: expression, playfulness, insight, freedom and connection.

We’ll be working as individuals and groups to discover our own creative patterns and see how we can adapt these to explore and reflect on our inner emotions and experiences.

Using a range of materials, we’ll develop our attention through intuitive drawing, Mandalas and collective expression.

This workshop is open to everyone, especially those who don’t consider themselves artists…

We look forward to welcoming you.

SYC + Emilie Lindsten



Emilie is a visual artist and passionate mindfulness and yoga practitioner. In the last few years she has focused on weaving together these practices and explore different ways in how they can combine to explore, express and enrich the human experience creating a life which is closer to the vibrant creative core in playful yet challenging ways. Emilie believes in the power of beauty and art as a way to access and transmute deep emotions, her approach is informed by her experiences studying in India, practicing Zen as well as her practice as fine artist.

Emilie is Swedish/Italian and has lived in London since 2006.


We’d like to open this workshop to everyone, so we’ve included a discounted ticket option, for those whose pockets are a little lighter. 

Please kindly honour these guidelines when selecting your ticket.

Students and incomes of £25’000 and under =  £35.00
Early Bird, earning over £25’000 = £40.00
General Admission, earning over £25’000 = £45.00 

All materials will be included.


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