Cosmic Connection – Grace Hazel <br><span class="folio-date">15 – 16.02.20</span>

Cosmic Connection – An Urban Retreat

15 – 16.02.20


with Grace Hazel
15th – 16th February
10am – 5pm

Clearing the Path for Sacred Relationship

The Cosmic Connection is a weekend urban retreat devoted to clearing and healing the space of the heart, clarifying and owning our desire for partnership, and allowing space to manifest with full trust, the gift of sacred relationship and intimacy into our life.

Many refer to the act of finding their “soulmate” which gives off the impression that we will one day stumble across our partner, since if we are connected by souls, we’ll inevitably meet each other our life’s path. Whilst this belief holds a certain mystique, it’s important to wake up and tune into the reality that we must own and take responsibility for the relationships and humans we attract into our life. The truth is that the kind of relationships we find ourselves in are a direct reflection of us. Upon owning this, we can begin to navigate with full clarity the process of attracting a partner who is not a soul mate, but a divine match to initiate a partnership with will rise and grow into long term love.

It is only when we can clear our own pathways in relating and own an empowered version of who we are and who we are becoming, that we can attract a partner who will reflect this energy and uplift the journey of our life. There is a union in this connection, a meeting of wholes. So rather than waiting for a soul mate to find and complete us, we are ready, open up and in our radiance to attract someone who matches our souls path. A dvine union occurs.

Whether you are in a relationship currently and wishing to improve the way you show up to love, or if you are single and willing to open up to receive big love and partnership in your life, this weekend retreat is for you.

On February 15th + 16th Grace Hazel and Secret Yoga Club are combining forces to weave a retreat which will dive deep into the subject of attracting, maintaining and growing love within relationships on an emotional, energetic, soulful and also practical perspective.

We will begin the the first day of weekend retreat with cord cutting and letting go. Based upon Grace Hazel’s popular and consistently sold out ritual Boy Bye, we will be diving deep into the understanding of the energetics which occur when we relate to another and how these threads can remain for years after connections have ended and prevent us from moving on. You will learn about how energetic cords from past lovers and partners can confuse our energy, repel love coming into our life and attract similar unhealthy relationship patterns. We will look at relating, and how we learnt or inherited our relational patterns of behaviour,  where our core relating wounds are located and how we can support ourselves though a deeply transformative ritual to let go of that which does not serve our highest and best good in the field of our intimate relationships.

On day two we will focus on “right relationship” and “right relating” and look into how the way we have been taught to relate and communicate can stunt us from having fulfilling, connected, long term love. You will learn about The Love Languages, conscious communication, healthy boundaries, the art of conscious and connected dating, attachment styles and more. We will then bring these learnings together in ritual to allow for a potent, clear container to emerge which will support the manifestation of the type of relationship you are calling into your life to be openly received.

This weekend retreat is for anyone, regardless of  relationship status, to let go of limiting patterns and belief systems around love, relating and sexual connection. It will clear you path to receiving divine partnership, union and love.

The Cosmic Connection is for you if….

You are ready to shift out of unhelpful patterns around love and relating 

You wish to be in a relationship which supports the highest and best version of you 

You are ready to let go of past lovers and partners 

You want to learn techniques and tools to consciously communicate and connect with partner/s

You are feeling stuck / blocked / frustrated around love and relationships 

You want empower yourself, your whole life and fully heal old trauma + heartbreak

You are ready to trust in love 

This gathering will take place in the intimate setting of a beautiful private home in Hackney.

A delicious lunch will be provided.

You will be sent further details about what to bring with you on the Monday preceding the event.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Gabrielle and Grace.

Grace Hazel

A passionate advocate for sexual healing, body awareness, and empowering women to re-discover pleasure, Grace has taken the 10 years she experienced chronic Yoni pain, and used it transform her life into a Yoni centric, feminine embodied movement. She guides women around the globe to eradicate all shame, guilt and pain they feel around their sexuality, and holds space for honest and real conversations to occur.

6 years ago, Grace decided to throw away all the numbing medications and creams hospital specialists had prescribed her to treat a condition called ‘vulvodynia’ and decided that she would heal herself. Since then she has delved into tantra, meditation, yoga, and shamanic healing ceremonies such as Ayahuasca and Peyote, and found that the greatest medicine above all is to listen deeply to your body, and use it’s wisdom to understand, heal and eradicate issues that are being experienced, rather than covering them up with pharmaceuticals.

Through doing this, she unravelled a world of understanding about the female body, specifically the Yoni.  What she realised during this process is that there is an epidemic of women experiencing similar issues such as painful sex, pussy numbness, low libido, inability to orgasm, body shame, intimacy blocks, and unfulfilling sex life, however nobody seemed to be talking about it.  Now she writes, teaches and speaks about how others can reclaim their Yoni and pleasure in order to find mind blowing intimacy with their own bodies, which translates to epic sex with their lovers, enhanced creative power, and way more fulfilling and truth-led lives.

Grace is currently curating a short film called ‘Conversations with Pussy’ where women speak openly and rawly about their own real experiences. She leads workshops which guide women to begin conversations with their Pussy, and she works 1-1 with women to assist to transform and empower not only their sex life, but their entire life.

Grace’s mission is to bring forth a Yoni Empowered message to a much greater audience, unravel the taboo subjects that women have suppressed through fear of judgement, and create a healthy open space to talk about femininity, sexuality and what it is to be a woman.

You can find out more information about Grace via her website or via her Instagram @grace___hazel.

Who's Attending

11 people are attending Cosmic Connection – Grace Hazel <br><span class="folio-date">15 – 16.02.20</span>

  • Emma Frampton
  • Jess Jones
  • Stine Dulong
  • Hannah Aylett
  • Lisa Berkovitz
  • Gemma Cox
  • Zhuo Wang
  • Grace Townsend
  • Louise Gombert
  • Giselle La Pompe-Moore
  • Baksho Arkan


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