22.08.18 - 29.08.18

SYC x Zephyr Wildman

22nd August – 29th August 2018


We’re really happy to be returning to Villa Lena for a whole week with one of our favourite teachers, Zephyr Wildman.

Villa Lena is one of our favourites, there’s nowhere as peaceful and inspiring. Think Stealing Beauty: a yoga platform overlooking beautiful rolling Tuscan Hills, magical secret gardens, a mysterious deserted village, captivating views, figs, mist, olive groves, sky, sun and time out of life.

As usual, we’ll be be offering something unique and inspiring –  working with the Villa Lena artists in residence to offer a thoughtful programme of creative explorations to compliment the daily yoga practises.

We decided to do something a little different this year and create a yoga offering for those who already have an established practise and are interested in developing their understanding of the yoga tradition, how this vast and ancient knowledge evolved and how we can use it to enhance our experience of ourselves and enrich our daily life.

This is very much what we love about Zephyr’s classes, how each class is themed with a carefully considered introduction to frame sessions, as she weaves yogic wisdom easily between asana and pranayama. It’s a real treat to dive so deep, playing with these intricate psychological maps that can reveal neurological pathways, expand the mind and the energy body and guide us into a brighter and more fluid way of being.

Although the asana practise will be accessible to all and we love to welcome new friends, our intention is to create a space for those who share a genuine interest in learning about this more esoteric, tantric knowledge, though lovers are welcome and can be free to roam around the olive groves or drink (organic wine?!) in the sunshine after sessions.

In Zephyr’s words: “as Yoga students, we are all too familiar with our physical body and our pranic body that sustains the Life Force as we navigate the material world. However, as we study deeper into Yogic/Ayurveda philosophy and psychology, we find there are “layers” or “sheaths” that create a pathway to the more subtle dimensions for growth and balance of being. The Kosha model being a very effective therapeutic map to direct our journey towards health, fulfilment and serenity.


This retreat will explore Yogic/Ayurveda philosophy and psychology, revealing the Koshas (“layers” or “sheaths”) that create a pathway to the more subtle dimensions of being. Zephyr will also explain the forces of Agni (Fire) that fuel the 5 Koshas, touch on the Chakra System, Prana Vayus and the Rasas (Essence of Emotions).

The journey will begin each day by turning inwards to explore the secret ocean under our skin. We’ll dive into the physical, working with the architecture of our bones and the sensations in the flesh. We’ll expand into the thrills of the pranic body, merging the mental layer into the wisdom realm, swimming into a state of bliss that creates a channel to experience the individual consciousness merge with the divine.



  • 7 nights in Villa Lena, in beautiful modern accommodation,
  • Daily lecture’s focusing on breath-centric asana, pranayama, kriya, mudra, mantra and meditation,
  • Creative workshops,
  • Sound healing sessions,
  • Intuitive movement or dance,
  • Mindful Walks,
  • A big vegetarian brunch and dinner cooked with local produce, by Villa Lena’s amazing resident chefs.

The retreat doesn’t include:

  • Flights to Pisa
  • *Lunch
  • Airport Transfers
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Optional Pasta Making Classes 
  • Travel Insurance

*As the brunch is nutritious and very filling, many of ours guests often decide to have a large brunch and dinner. A pool side juice/snack bar will also be open throughout the afternoon. 



Shared Twin Room – £1300
Single Room – £1800

You can book via the ticket section below.


For more information please contact:

Spaces will be limited for this Tuscan experience, so come chase the sun with us. Please book soon to avoid disappointment.

With love,
SYC & Zephyr Wildman

**Please note that all deposits and bookings are non-refundable