wednesday 3rd May

7 - 9 PM

reva yoga

2c Andrews Road, London, E84QL

from 20.00
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This evening we will be working alongside Sonic Enchantment’s Fabio Garces for a night exploring the creative and healing properties of sound.

Sonic Enchantment is a live musical and multi-media experience, bringing listeners on a journey of the mind and body.  Fusing old and new-world technology, the performance taps into underground electronic and ambient music, hypnotic melodies and ethereal soundscapes.

The resulting effect serves to create individual experiences spanning from restoration and re-emergence of inner calm and balance.

Sonic Enchantment

It was akin to being high - literally buzzing. Falling into such a deep meditative state meant that everything felt light, clear and fresh afterwards.Marcus Barnes, Vice Magazine


Merging a background in music production, sound engineering and DJing, Fabio Garces has spent the last 7 years researching the field of cymatics, acoustic therapies, solfeggio frequencies and ancient South and Central American shamanic sound healing practices to develop an approach that combines modern acoustic technology with ancient sound healing.

The result is an inspired and deeply moving musical and multi-media experience which takes the listener through a series of layers of underground electronica, ambient music, hypnotic melodies, ethereal sound scapes and subtle ancient shamanic rhythms resulting in deeper inner connection and a positive state of mind.


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Cover Image by Natasha Marshall.