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sunday 9TH april 

10 - 4 PM

42 acres shoreditch,

66 leonard street, london, ec2a 4lw

from 90.00
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This April we're hosting our first urban retreat, a day of inner city stillness (and a bit of a much needed spring MOT).

We've invited one of London's most in-demand teachers, Adam Husler, to teach an alignment-based workshop, focusing on unlocking all those habitually tight parts of the body, from your feet up to the neck.  In this extended workshop, Adam will lead a strong vinyasa practice that will conclude with some deeper, static postures.

As we unwind, we’ll be looking at the anatomy of what we’re doing; discovering how we can improve our yoga practice, with new knowledge, and how we can use techniques top open up our body in our daily lives.

Our favourite chef Eryk Bautista (BAO London) will be creating a delicious informal lunch feast for us, made with the freshest, seasonal ingredients that focus on being balanced and nutritious.

Post-lunch we'll bring you into a guided meditation, followed by beautiful, cocooning sounds from Mona Ruijs (better known as Sound Interventions).  

Adam husler

Asana 2.jpg

With experience in the boxing ring, on ultra marathon routes, studying law and with 9 years of having a yoga mat in hand, Adam (500RYT) brings a unique perspective to his yoga teaching.

Adam’s love of anatomy has lead him to specialise in Alignment Based Vinyasa Yoga, studying at an advanced level under Jason Crandell. Adam has also had the pleasure of studying intensively under Budokon Yoga Founder Cameron Shayne and renowned meditation teacher Michael Stone, both of whom have hugely inspired his current teaching method.

Adam’s creatively sequenced classes feature long holds, controlled yet dynamic movements, intelligent alignment and deep exploration of depth in postures. They’re also dogma free!  Adam seeks to remind all that an asana practice is a very subjective experience, and whether you are a yoga teacher or a yoga newbie, prepare to work hard as they’ll be plenty of options to challenge all.

Mona RuiJs

mona 2.jpg

Mona is a certified Gong Practitioner trained by 'The College of Sound Healing' in Devon, UK. Mona invites participants to ‘close your eyes and open your ears’, as she curates a unique experience into sound and the senses, and an exploration of ‘the listening body’. Mona will facilitate a Sound Bath with a trajectory of sounds that are designed to induce states of profound physical relaxation, meditation and general wellbeing.

In her Sound Baths the terms ‘sound’ and ‘listening’ are inclusive of sensations felt when vibrations fall onto the human body, as the Gongs are capable of setting a substantial volume of air into vibration. Laying down on mats participants will be saturated and cocooned in the live sounds of high quality Gongs and other instruments including Himalayan singing bowls, a shruti box, a sansula, chimes, rainsticks,  and bamboo leaf rattles.

Eryk Bautista

Currently working with BAO; and previously head chef of the Newman Arms is our friend, Eryk Bautista.  

His previous stints have also included Antidote in Soho, and he has spent two and a half years at La Petite Maison in Mayfair. 

To add to the above, Eryk is involved with The Cornwall Project (bringing together London chefs and Cornish farmers and fisherman), so we are very excited to welcome him as a special guest chef.





JARR Kombucha is raw fermented tea. Low in sugar and packed full of probiotics, vitamins, enzymes and beneficial acids, it’s a delicious dose of goodness for your gut.

JARR brew their raw kombucha using only 4 ingredients; pure filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic loose-leaf tea sourced directly from two single estates and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). JARR is proudly brewed, bottled, labeled, and packed by hand in Hackney Wick.


10.00 - 1.00
Extended workshop with Adam Husler, a strong vinyasa practice concluding with deeper static postures.  

1.00 - 2.30
Casual lunch feasting, menu designed by Eryk Bautista using seasonal and fresh produce.

2.30 - 3.00
Guided Meditation focusing on spring renewal and balance. 

3.00 - 4.00
Soothing, meditative sounds from Sound Interventions aka Mona Ruijs. 

Mats and blankets will be provided, just bring your beautiful selves. 


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Cover Image by Natasha Marshall.