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Join Susan Rozo for a beautiful and transformative night in healing sounds.

An evening exploring Universal Frequencies

Sacred soundscapes aim to enhance our connection with our natural rhythms and cycles.  

Every cell in our bodies is a sound resonator. Our organs, chakras and other areas of our bodies all resonate at different frequencies and therefore use different notes. These notes when blended together to produce a symphony that is as unique as a fingerprint. 

Each one of us creates our own sound signature and is a living symphony of frequencies. Some of our notes are singing in harmony, and some are singing 'off key'. ‘Off key singing’ can be caused by many things, including stress, trauma and/or negative mental and emotional patterns.  Like any instrument, every now and then the instruments of our symphony need re-tuning!

This sacred soundscapes are a safe, intimate space which allows you to immerse yourself in deep and powerful restorative sounds alchemy technique. It uses breathing technique, plant consciousness and pure sounds from ancient ethnic instruments like ocean drums, drums, rain sticks, shakers and Tibetan singing bowls, alongside with contemporary instruments  like crystal Alchemy bowls and bells. Light universal sound  language will be interwoven in order to infuse the space with universal wisdom. 

This space is for inner exploration, for connecting with our natural rhythms and cycles offering a deep healing, restorative and relaxing experience whilst energising, balancing and grounding us to the core.


- Introduction to sound and its relationship with our circadian and ultradian rhythms (body clock and internal cycles) 

- Introduction to the plant of the day:  Blue Lotus flower.

Honouring the Ancient blue water Lilly ( blue lotus) the flower of birth and re-birth for the ancient Egyptians. Also the flower of transcendence, and the universal divine beauty for Ancient south Americans. we will be honouring the blue - lilac , silver- yellow rays of divine union between the upper (etheric magical worlds) and under world (physical world) 

The blue lotus Ritual will help us delve deeper into inner layers of the self, in a subtle but profound way, stimulating our capacity to bridge profound awareness and tranquility. Its gentle dreamy effect will be interwoven with a soundscapes from ancient traditions to sooth our journey to the centre or our being. we will be experience it’s divine wisdom and nourishment, aligning us to our divine core nature, A space of balance and universal beauty and perfect symmetry. 

- Sacred soundscapes with special guest: Gavin Hendricks

Gavin is a sound healer, bodyworker and initiate herbalist. Together, Susan and Gavin create mystical soundscapes in a safe, strongly-held space, combining overtone singing with acoustic and sacred instruments from different cultures around the world. Instruments that may be used to guide the journey include the Reverie harp, didgeridoo, jew’s harp, koto, monochord, tambura, hand-pan, ocean drum, frame drum, Koshi chimes, Himalayan singing bowls, sansula and tuning forks.

Susan rozo

After moving to London in 2005, Susan discovered that ancient sound healing had been founded in 2000 as a contemporary therapy by the British Academy of Sound Therapy, recognised by the ICM. Such recognition provided authentication and confirmed a strong foundation as a secure, professional practice. Susan subsequently commenced a degree at the British Academy of Sound Therapy that gave her a deeper understanding of the historical origins of sound therapy in the west and enabled her to practice in a formal, professional capacity. she also holds a practitioner Level Reyad sekhem certificate that has expand her knowledge in the areas of harmony healing and Alchemic techniques for healing. 

Her formal learning has developed to compliment her spiritual connection with her ancestral heritage and fifteen years of research in the field. Susan has developed her own sound language - dialect, weaving ancient sound healing techniques and traditions with contemporary sound tools and techniques.  Susan aims to create a space for inner exploration and alignment, and a space for connecting with our own rhythms, our own nature and for accessing the universal knowledge that exits within us all. 

She offers talks in sound and fundamental principles, Sound Journeys, One to one Alkemi healing- Reyah sekhem, sound therapy. 

In love and light, in love and light , in love and light.