rikke brodin

A former ballet dancer from Norway, Rikke Brodin moved to London to pursue her passion for theatre and filmmaking, and to involve herself fully in the promised land of the urban art scene at the young and turbulent age of 18. This journey led her from drama school to eventually discovering Yogasana and meditation; a platform where she found a strong creative stimulus whilst working on a deep spiritual level. Her teacher training in Sadhana Yoga and shamanism took her to the mountains of Sacred Valley, Peru – a land full of wisdom and magic, drawing vital energy from Pachamama Mother Earth, Inti Tai Tai Father Sun and the Apus Mountain Spirits. Since then her studies have taken her on the path of Anusara inspired yoga and Tantric philosophy.

Moving through many currents of existential depression and crisis as a teenager and young woman, Rikke has through her own personal experience become very skilled in helping her students to return home in their own bodies, to get anchored in the root of their hearts and to amplify their creative field through breath, awareness and movement.

Rikke offers teachings that are rooted from her soul, that are physically creative and deliciously challenging to support each student’s personal evolution, with deep focus on bridging the gap between our yoga practice and the ‘real’ world; how moving with grace and integrity on the mat can teach our daily selves how to artfully navigate our way through the powerful currents of this lifetime, with authenticity and curiosity.

Now, Rikke is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and is continually deepening her studies, currently with the fantastic Tantric soul forces that is teacher Leila Sadeghee and Sianna Sherman. She has just finished the first module of Sianna's 300hr Rasa Yoga Teacher Training in Berlin.

She believes in the power of the individual to transform and heal itself, connecting mind, body and spirit, working towards unveiling one's infinitely creative source - the True Self - and uncovering the path of one’s unique Soul Journey through the practices of Yoga.