rachel johnston

Rachel lives and works in Amsterdam and London. She is an artist and teaches yoga in various studios, living rooms, parks and spaces across both cities.

Rachel's own yoga and art practice has taught her that when we bring our whole being into each moment, we have the infinite potential to heal, create, love, and be at peace. It's Rachel's work to help people find this place through movement, making, courageous self-love and self- care.

Our bodies represent the life we have lived so far; a map of our personal history. It is through our choices of movement, day and night, and the cellular loads these choices create that our bodies become our autobiography.  Rachel teaches and practices yoga because it provides a useful tool to view the way we move and feel and to change the patterns we find that are no longer useful. It is her aim to give people a tool for self-enquiry and greater self-acceptance.

These aims are based on exploring personal freedom and the willingness and ability to engage with others with curiosity and compassion. Rachel presupposes no deity, follow no guru or approved “system" and engage gladly with any relevant material - past or present - that serves this practice. She has been practicing and teaching yoga this way in recent years, basing my work on sound biomechanical principles.