Yoga forms the framework of Mischa's life; bringing her strength, flexibility and discipline both on and off the mat whilst reminding her to stay present, open and compassionate. It has taught her to find space between thoughts and actions and to see lightness in the dark moments, cementing both awareness and gratitude into her life which has transformed her perception of the world.

Mischa teaches a heartfelt practice with strong steady flow, creative sequencing and a deep focus on breath and alignment. Her classes also include a quieter restorative and yin element to restore and bring stillness. Her intention is to both challenge, strengthen and restore, holding a space for individuals to open, reflect and absorb. She draws her understanding from a number of styles and traditions and her classes are woven with philosophy, myth and stories as well as including carefully curated soundtracks, mantra and ritual. Mischa is inspired by the potential of the practice to transform, expand and heal and is committed to her own study and practice as the foundation of her teaching. Having been based in London teaching at some of the leading studios there she is now a travelling yogini who spends her time between Asia and Europe practicing and teaching. Mischa's teaching is passionate and knowledgeable, taking you on a journey of self inquiry and unfolding.

Over the years yoga and meditation has shifted her entire attitude towards well being and led her towards an infinite exploration of ways to further support, energise and restore one's health.  

Supporting her body, both from within and out has provided a whole new level of access to greater wellbeing and peace.  She believes wholeheartedly in the transformational and healing powers of a natural, nourishing lifestyle - going back to our roots and reconnecting with the basic rhythms of life.  Nutrition has offered her what is essentially a very simple and incredibly powerful approach to good health and happiness. Learning to listen to what her body needs and exploring the beautiful, colourful world of fresh, whole, healing foods is a rewarding and exciting journey in itself.