florence lefebvre

Florence came across yoga shortly after leaving Paris, when she moved to bustling London in 2002. The first class she attended (in February 2003) was a Vinyasa Flow class, which left her sweaty, shaky, huffing and puffing. She had pushed too hard in her attempt to keep up with more advanced students, but in spite of her bruised ego, Florence went back for more and haven’t looked back.

The person teaching that very first yoga class was the dancer-trained Rebecca Parker, who later went on to train Florence over two years to become a teacher too. Under her guidance and inspiration, she was able to reconnect with her own (modest!) ballet background, flowing from one shape into another through smooth transitions. Florence slowly developed enough confidence in her teaching to actually stand in front of a class, in spite of English not being her native tongue. 

Although Florence remains based in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, she has enjoyed taking part in various yoga traditions: Ashtanga, Hatha, Sivananda, Dharma Mittra and Acroyoga classes too. She also enjoy's incorporating elements of other disciplines, as she find that varying the content of classes helps to motivate students. Yoga classes end up becoming moulded to one’s own sense of style; a bit like picking an outfit that suits your mood for the day.

Florence has had the honour and pleasure to learn from wonderful yoga teachers in Los Angeles (Brian Kest, Stephen Earth Metz, Shiva Rea, Micheline Berry, Saul David Raye) and in London (Sean Corn, David Life, Jason Nemer, Beryl Bender Birch, Yogeswari, Olof Kuijt, Emma Henry, Mark Kan), but also from lesser known teachers who all deserve some of the limelight. 

In 2007, Florence also did a YogaBugs teacher training aimed at introducing yoga to kids ranging from the age of 6 to 11. She taught different age groups in various schools throughout that year which was a great experience for her.

At last, end of 2014, Florence qualified as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Lisa White and she is looking forward to accompany mothers-to-be on their journey.