emily-clare hill

Emily-Clare's passion for yoga is ever present and evolving, her journey as a teacher has been very active from the word go. At first she was never satisfied with knowing what she knew and wanted to learn more and more until she realised she would never know enough and she would never know everything and that was okay. Emily-Clare became excited by the fact that she could always continue to learn and loves the quote;

"Once you stop learning, you stop living" 

Her style of teaching will never be complete and she will always grow and change but right now she weaves together various styles and learning’s to offer a creative style of flow yoga. Emily-Clare is enthusiastic about movement and the physical body, and portrays this passion through bright, articulate teaching and sequencing. Her strength lies in combining anatomy knowledge with creative flow whilst weaving in greater mindfulness.

Bringing a passion for working earnestly, but working mindfully, encouraging all students to be present and positive, on and off the mat. The mat is the practise for the world.