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We’re excited to host an East End based evening with NYC guru and wonder woman Claire Fountain. Post class The Hardihood girls will be spoiling us with a selection of plant based goodness. 

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C L A I R E  F O U N T A I N

Claire Fountain, CBQUALITY, fell in love with yoga, in her Mississippi hometown, before ever stepping foot on a mat. As a way to overcome her own life obstacles, she began a journey of learning and studying anatomy in order to heal her mind, body, and spirit.

Living her life by the mantra “I want to feel good” from an early age, she found that the perfect prescription for doing so was through yoga and strength training. While getting a Psychology degree at Vassar College, she simultaneously received her certification in yoga, and later in personal training, so she could pass along her knowledge and findings. Teaching others how to feel the best in their bodies from the inside out, allowed her to inspire many to let their boundaries go, and get in touch with how yoga could work for them.

T H E _ H A R D I H O O D

Friends for almost a decade founders Daisy and Leah met at a dinner party, where they soon found they were the only ones laughing at each other’s jokes. Together the pair eventually boarded the sugar-free bandwagon together towards a more vibrant lifestyle as a new-years resolution in January 2014. Uninspired by the lacklustre dessert options available, they felt that there was an opportunity to create a dessert that looks good, tastes good and is good for you. After a year of experimenting with superfoods and natural ingredients they launched The Hardihood, a brand of nutritious, beautiful, delicious raw cakes.

Through our commitment to making delicious desserts that are free from refined sugar and processed ingredients we discovered raw cuisine, a plant-based way to prepare food in which ingredients are not heated past a certain temperature, maintaining their integrity and nutritional value.



*Please note that a booking fee applies to all individual ticket transactions. All tickets for Secret Yoga Club events are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Please consider this when booking tickets for your chosen activity. 

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Cover Image by Natasha Marshall.