bridget luff

Bridget is a creative yoga teacher and modern-day priestess. The quest of her yoga practice is to go beneath the buzz of the mind, to listen more intuitively, move freely and breathe deeply. Her playful yet precise classes encourage students to flow with their instincts and develop deep strength to face life's challenges. Students have described her classes as 'calmly energising, truly nourishing and gently challenging'.  Her classes are open to those who are a little curious about what yoga is and those wanting to see what they are truly capable of.

As a mentor for the Africa Yoga Project, Bridget passionately supports youth outreach work and the growing global yoga community.  She has traveled around the globe to study with yogis, priestesses, shamans, energy workers, philosophers and artists. But her favourite place to be in the world is relaxing at home with her husband and cat.