beth win 

Beth is endlessly fascinated and inspired by the beautiful unfolding of her purpose, divine light within and the witness of all the divinity that surrounds her.

Science, art, music and dance feature throughout her day as examples of our beautiful and contrasting perceptions, culminating into thought form and action.

Beth see's everything as a creative process, and her practices are devoted to celebrating and uplifting herself and others and consciously deepening the connection between individual and the collective, the finite and the infinite.

Having taught full time since 2007, Beth's life is dynamic and rich in feeling, yoga is most simply yet profoundly the corner stone of her being. Yoga is the practice of awareness, a willingness to explore the paradox, the yin and yang, and the discovery of that centre between those seemingly opposite poles.  

Beth lives with a deep gratitude for the guides and teachers that have crossed her path for they have taught her about herself,  her body and the spirit of her soul.