Back to basics


saturday 13th May

5 - 7 PM

Blank 100

100 De Beauvoir Rd, Unit 5, London N1 4EN

from 20.00
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We’ve all been there, our very first yoga practice. Will my fingers reach my toes? What’s a downward dog? How wet will I get in a sound bath? It can be all a little overwhelming. But, don’t worry, we also know that after a few sessions you’ll be hopefully sleeping a little better, your joints won’t be so creaky, and your mind might even feel a tad lighter. 

For this special workshop, we’ve invited the wonderful Rosie Blake to take us all back to basics. Focussing on alignment and the breath, talking you through each movement, so that next time you step into a studio, you’ll be edging closer to the front of the class. Post yoga, the equally wonderful Simone Salvatici will be treating you all to a short sound bath, no need to bring your swimming costume…just bring an open mind and let yourself be soothed with sonic vibrations. 

We hope you can join us, whether you are a total newbie, or you simply want to get back to basics!

rosie blake


With her playful approach to yoga, Rosie combines pranayama, (controlled breathing) with fluidity of asana (movement) and meditation to find tranquility and stillness. Through mindful creative sequencing, self awareness can be deepened and gentleness of movement encourages gentleness of mind.   Using a Hatha 7 Tantra yoga, her aim is to inspire students to extend their experience of yoga into their everyday lives, promoting a calmer more contented approach to life thus enabling the student to reach their true potential.

Rosie was introduced to yoga in her late teens by her mother whilst living in Oman, and found this a natural progression from her love of movement. She discovered her own regular practise with Sivananda teacher Robin-Ann Meyer, while studying at Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall. Rosie's 13 year practise has taken her to USA, India, Vietnam and Costa Rica, qualified with Yogacampus, London and trains annually with Rod Striker, and Richard Freeman.


Simone is multi-instrumentalist composer and performer, influential within the Folktronic, Minimalist and Ambient genre.

Through his sound practice Simone aims to expand consciousness to a higher level, using instruments such as gongs, Tibetan bowls and other shamanic percussions. Each facilitating release, encouraging energetic shifts and producing chemicals in the body, such as cortisol and dopamine. His sound sessions promotes healing, regeneration and reconnection with the pure self.



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Cover Image by Natasha Marshall.