With a love of yoga and meditation that has spanned over a decade, Amisha’s classes are strong yet relaxing, focused on clear alignment and moving from the heart. She has a calming presence and uses playful theming, mantra and experience of exploring world wisdom traditions, to leave her students with depth, grounding and joy they can bring into their daily lives. Amisha has used these practices in her own life to work with trauma and burnout. Her love of teaching comes from experiencing the benefits in herself, and witnessing the empowerment, freedom and wellbeing that yoga can bring. She is also a reiki master and intuitive healer. She brings this holistic approach to her classes, creating space for inner healing and understanding in how we interact with the world around us. Amisha’s teaching style is grounded in Anusara, her teachers include Sianna Sherman, Leila Sadeghee and Tara Judelle.

As well as teaching Amisha is a creative soul, and has her jewellery label which makes beautiful pieces with crystals such as malas for chanting mantras. She is the author of The Future is Beautiful and the upcoming Style & Presence. She loves building community which she does though 108 London, and organises retreats around the world with her new project Replenish. Amisha's creative work focuses on how we can give back and live sustainable lifestyles, bringing beauty and global citizenship together.