Secret Yoga Club brings people together in unique settings to create new and exciting yoga experiences.

Established in 2013, SYC was the very first pop-up fitness experience in London and has evolved from its humble beginning in living rooms to venues as grand as the Royal Academy of the Arts, Sutton House and Wilton's Music Hall.

Whether it's holding monthly yoga supper clubs, hosting beautiful retreats around the world, curating yoga and sound events for major brands or simply hosting regular classes (with a twist of course), SYC is one of the most innovative and immersive yoga experiences in the UK.



About the Founder


After a brief stint at a corporate global PR agency, Gabrielle Hales decided that office life was not for her and left to do yoga teacher training in India. On her return, she immediately began sharing the knowledge she’d learnt in studios and in her shared living room.

Gabrielle soon had the idea to turn her living room classes into yoga supper clubs. The evenings were so popular that she decided to relocate them to larger venues and started to collaborate with up-and-coming-chefs. What followed was the creation of a multi-sensory experience elevating the yoga practice by working with creative yoga teachers, searching out inspiring settings and completing the experience with unforgettable live music, sound therapy and food.

Ultimately, Gabrielle wanted to introduce a new sense of generosity and warmth into the yoga community. The idea was to create a setting for yoga practice that was more sociable and less solitary while breaking the assumption that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tasty, nourishing food.

Secret Yoga Club works with a wide range of chefs who work with seasonal, organic produce. The food is always delicious, naturally healthy and we don't shy away from dessert either.

Gabrielle is constantly pushing SYC to the next level and is always seeking to inspire people in new ways to experience a practice that improves happiness and well-being.