About SYC

From yoga classes to retreats and workshops, Secret Yoga Club is all about bringing unique people, settings and teachers together to encourage creative processes and let you see yourself completely.

From day one, we started out with yoga events in teeny spaces with our friends; but we’ve now evolved to offer mindfulness, immersive sound (and plenty more) in venues as diverse as light-filled studios in Dalston right up to London’s Royal Academy of Arts.

That’s why we started SYC. To make it easy – saying goodbye to the clean living-speak and focusing on you.

Giving you yoga and experiences, with inspiring teachers and creative elements to help you step outside yourself and look in.

We welcome all of you (yogis and non-yogis alike). You’re just as likely to find us dancing round to Patti Smith or curled up somewhere reading Murakami, as we are to be practicing our chaturanga.

We pride ourselves on having no nonsense, no preaching, and nobody talking about wellness (please).

We love you just as you are.