About SYC

From yoga classes to retreats and workshops, Secret Yoga Club is all about bringing unique people, settings and teachers together to encourage creative processes and let you see yourself completely.

From day one, we started out with yoga events in teeny spaces with our friends; but we’ve now evolved to offer movement, immersive sound and unique workshops and retreats in venues as diverse as light-filled studios in Dalston right up to London’s Royal Academy of Arts and Tuscany’s artist residency Villa Lena.

We started SYC to create a space for you to explore innovative practises that you might not find in a yoga studio, ones that come to life in a more intimate setting with our community of lovely, open minded humans.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our boundaries and our minds. We still love yoga but we also want to inspire you to come off the mat and experience a range of multidimensional creative elements, like: sound, visuals, dance and drawing.

We want you to enjoy yourself and your body, and find new ways to enhance your experience of everything in life: movement, food, love and sex. All the good things!

Our events are an invitation to discover new teachers and teachings that can inspire and comfort you in your beautiful unfolding, so you can deepen your knowledge of the world inside and around you.

We welcome all of you (yogis and non-yogis alike). You’re just as likely to find us dancing to Patti Smith or curled up reading Murakami, as we are to be practicing our chaturanga.

The door is open and you’re always welcome.